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Whether you find yourself needing a repair, a new coat of paint, or other vehicle related services Keene Auto Body is ready and able to meet your needs.

If by some unfortunate chance you find yourself in an accident situation, Keene Auto Body will go the extra mile to help you obtain the repairs you need, while also working with your insurance company on your behalf to ease the burden. When it comes to major or minor repairs we can return your vehicle to it's former luster and have you back on the road in no time.

Keene Auto Body is a proud partner of BASF, the largest chemical refinishing producer based in Germany. Their products are environmentally safe, and their company provides great service, both of which are strong values of Keene Auto Body.

Our state of the art clean room and filtering systems offer an environmentally friendly, contaminant free area to paint your car. The final result is a perfectly painted surface, and a satisfied customer.